LifeStories: Create.Preserve.Share

What's your story? hands holding an open book background messageSome people find that their need to document, trace and understand family history increases with age. Do you have a story to tell?

Are you ...
  • interested in sharing recollections with younger generations?
  • Capturing life's details in a valuable written document?
  • Understanding your relationship with past family generations?  
Do you want to...
  • leave something behind for children and grandchildren?
  • uncover the meaning of challenging life experiences?
  • make sense of major changes to your life circumstances?

Memories are precious: create and preserve a valuable document on your recollections and experiences for present or future generations.

Next steps:

- Get to know your conversation partner Nicola Hanefeld

- Read how LifeStories works and what you can expect during a conversation

- Costs and organisation

- How this project came into being

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